Friendship and idealism birthed Cabin Point Farm. It began in 2013 when four best friends bought 33 acres in Rapidan, Virginia, about ninety minutes from Washington DC. Consisting of little more than an aging 1850s cabin and beautiful views, the land represented unlimited potential—a blank slate for their creative, but still unrefined vision.

At the time, the owners were all in their late 20s and living across three continents. They each had Virginia roots and sought a stake in the ground to anchor a community, a space for creativity and variety, and a recognition of the value of nature in our everyday lives. Cabin Point Farms serves as a physical reminder and locus for this force—one that we hope will strengthen existing relationships, create new ones, and further expand our community in the years to come.

Over the past five years, Cabin Point Farms has hosted art residencies, community events, fundraisers, weddings, and retreats. It is a place for projects and passions that require hands in the dirt: we’re patiently building our gardens, orchard, walking trails, art studio, and meandering stone walls. We are hosting old friends and creating new communities, experimenting in the kitchen and the brewery. We are undertaking the long road to sustainability and self-sufficiency, producing more of our own food on the land and restoring the ecosystem and native habitat.

We invite you to join us.