The Land

Ecosystem restoration is an important part of our long term vision for the farm, and we try to manage the land in a way that builds the soils and improves habitat. Almost half of the property was part of a USDA conservation program promoting native habitat restoration along the Rapidan River, which is a Chesapeake Bay watershed. The pasture areas are maintained by a local cattle operation. Cows are crucial to maintaining the fertility of the soil and keeping the pasture grasses free from becoming overgrown.

Wildlife includes deer, foxes, turkeys, rabbits, groundhogs, snakes, coyotes, and a once-spotted black bear. It is great bird habitat for amateur ornithologists. There are many song birds as well as birds of prey. We’ve spotted red-tail hawks and even some bald eagles! Migrating geese and water fowl often fly over the property. There are over twenty species of native trees on the property, including a few ante-bellum black walnuts, red maples and white oaks.